Talk A Good Game Download on iTunes
  1. 1Kelly Rowland - Gone
  2. 2Kelly Rowland - You Changed (Feat. Beyoncé & Michelle)
  3. 3Kelly Rowland - Put Your Name On It
Kelly Rowland‘s Talk A Good Game is the fourth studio album from the singer. Talk A Good Game includes 3 records produced by Harmony Samuels: Gone, You Changed (ft. Beyonce & Michelle), and Put Your Name On It. Buy Talk A Good Game, available in stores and on Itunes.

The press wrote:

Kelly Rowland finally comes into her own on “Talk A Good Game,” her most focused, consistent and honest album to date.


The Harmony-produced track (GONE), off her forthcoming album, “Talk a Good Game,” features Kelly Rowland saying so long to a man whose done her wrong.


Kelly Rowland knows her worth. That’s not up for debate.