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    January 19, 2018
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Track 10 on the album “November” by TDE artist SiR is “Dreaming of Me” Produced by Super-Producer Harmony “H-Money” Samuels. Check it out now!

Inglewood crooner and TDE’s newest member SiR finally dropped his long-awaited album November. The album releases shortly after almost two months of hearing the album’s singles, “Something Foreign” and “Something New,” which provided a much needed teaser of what the rest of the project would sound like. Now that the album is here, it can be described in merely a few words; smooth, but gangster. The R&B crooner delicately sings over jazz influenced Hip-Hop production on the stand out track, “Dreaming Of Me” which closes the album along with the title track. The vibe is so real on the record that Harmony Samuels, the producer of “Dreaming of Me,” even slips in a short sample from Dr.Dre’s 1991 g-funk hit “Xxplosive.” Now take sometime to celebrate SiR’s first album under TDE and stream “Dreaming of Me” below while you check out the rest of the album here.

You can find “Dreaming of Me” on the Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.