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Side Effects Of You is Fantasia’s fourth studio album Produced by Harmony Samuels who helped create her new Rock/Soul sound with his creative production on tracks such as “Lose To Win”, “End Of Me” & “Ain’t All Bad”.

Check Out Fantasia’s Videos & Album Snippets Below!

  1. 1Supernatural Love (snippet)
  2. 2Ain't All Bad (snippet)
  3. 3If I Was A Bird (snippet)
  4. 4Without Me (snippet)
  5. 5Get It Right (snippet)
  6. 6So Much To Prove (snippet)
  7. 7Change Your Mind (snippet)
  8. 8Lighthouse (snippet)
  9. 9Lose To Win (snippet)
  10. 10End Of Me (snippet)
  11. 11In Deep Snippet
  12. 12Haunted snippet
  13. 13To The Heavens (snippet)

The press wrote:

“Side Effects of You” (19 Recordings/RCA), debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and No. 2 on the Billboard 200.


The Side Effects of You exemplifies Fantasia’s sense of maturity as an artist.  She delivers her raw vocals on songs that address self-discovery, remaining optimistic, love, failed relationships, self-love, moving forward, and living life to the fullest.