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F.A.M.E. is the fourth studio album by Chris Brown. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart (with first-week sales of 270,000) and garnered three Grammy Award nominations at the 54th annual ceremony, eventually winning Best R&B Album.

Fan favorites “Say It With Me” and “Oh My Love” were both produced by Harmony.

  1. 1Chris Brown - Say It With Me
  2. 2Chris Brown - Oh My Love

The press wrote:

The album’s two strongest tracks come from the same producer [Harmony]: the overtly MJ suggestive “Say It with Me” and the hyperventilating “Oh My Love,” which boasts so many fussy, unpredictable chord changes it sort of resembles what a Steely Dan/Basement Jaxx collaboration might sound like.

Slant Magazine

On its own merits, F.A.M.E. deserves to be heard.

Entertainment Weekly