The acronym BOE of BOE Global, an entertainment and fashion conglomerate started by Harmony Samuels, stands for many things. However, Best Of Everything would best describe all six of the companies under the moniker BOE.

BOE Global is BlackOut Entertainment, the successful team that brought to life hits for artists Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Chipmunk, Fantasia, Brandy, Jennifer Hudson and Maroon 5, under the supervision of Harmony’s music production.

Protecting the creative landscape BOE has created Beyond Our Environment, a publishing company that inspires and protects writers and producers working with the team, as well as the music they create.

Harmony’s remixes from his work at home in the U.K. to the chart toppers he’s created for hit-makers stateside have raised his profile to that of a well-respected player in the new music business game.  Fittingly, Harmony is mentoring a group of producers and engineers to evolve and diversify the sounds of BOE through Brotherhood of Elite.

Given BOE’s success on the charts with the above-mentioned artists, it is no surprise that Harmony would start his own label Best Of Everything providing artists of his choosing the opportunity to collaborate on amazing music with him and other members of the BOE team.

Merchandising is never far from anyone’s thoughts and BOE is mixing it up too. Brothers Over Ego, a clothing line is in development, will go a step beyond casual wear and hood credibility to roll finer fabrics in casual everyday wear for men that’s all grown up.

Harmony sees BOE as a place for creators to stretch and experience growth. “BOE Global is a company based on a global perspective, core values, spiritual alignment, great product and providing a platform for the next generations of entertainers, creators, designers, businessmen and women.”